Because users are able to mint, sell, and trade NFTs on any platform, there is a possibility that some individuals may mistake NFT launchpad options with conventional NFT markets. NFT launchpad options, on the other hand, are not only crucial to the expansion of the NFT sector as a whole but also exist for a variety of specific purposes. Find out all you need to know about NFT launchpad options, as well as some of the top launchpads that you may think about using for your forthcoming NFT launchpad project, in the following article.

What is meant by the term “NFT Launchpad”?

In its most basic form, an NFT launchpad is a crowdfunding site that caters to vetted and approved initiatives in the NFT space. It is a venue where innovators, business owners, and new ventures may present their work to an audience that is specifically relevant to them. There are launchpads for NFT artists, games, and musicians right now, and there will be more in the near future.

Because members of the community are able to purchase different NFTs directly from these projects via the platform, at first glance, it would seem to be an online marketplace. NFTs, on the other hand, are often offered for sale at a very cheap price, which enables early investors to make a significant profit from their investments if and when the project becomes successful in the future. Learn more about marketing your NFT launchpad project the right way.

As a consequence of this, many individual investors and even some institutional investors look for lucrative chances on NFT launchpad options because of the possibility of very large returns on investment. On the other side, those that start a project have a simple way to communicate with people all over the world while simultaneously increasing their chances of receiving further money. When it comes to the launchpads, their responsibility is to do due diligence on every NFT project before admitting it into the ecosystem. This not only safeguards prospective investors from frauds and “rug pulls,” but it also keeps the launchpads themselves in a reliable state.

Projects of Notable Significance That Made Use of NFT Launchpads

Without the assistance of NFT launchpad options, many NFT initiatives that were started in the past could not have progressed to the point where they are currently. Launchpads were used by once insignificant enterprises such as Axie Infinity, Legends of Elumia, and STEPN in order to provide them with the finance and marketing support that they so desperately need.

Best NFT Launchpad options in 2022

1) NFTb

The NFTb launchpad seeks for a wide variety of interesting projects, such as artwork, games, trading cards, and other types of digital assets. They also have their own investment arm called NFTb Labs, which works with and invests in exceptional NFT ideas. This is in addition to the fact that they provide a platform for projects to engage with their audience. To this day, NFTb has seen projects successfully raise money in the six-figure range, and it is anticipated that the platform will continue to experience success of this kind in the near future.

2) NFTPad

Launchpad for blockchain games, artwork, and DeFi, that’s what NFTPad is. Their mission is to facilitate the healthy and environmentally responsible expansion of the sector as much as they can. As a consequence of this, NFTPad has not too long ago implemented stringent regulations via its “Safeguarded Launch Protocol.” This includes having a certain level of minimum liquidity, being in strict compliance with the vesting timeline and initial plan, conducting complete token audits, and adhering to any other rules that may be required. This guarantees that the community is shielded from harm to the greatest extent that the team’s capabilities allow. Aside from that, they also have a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in place to vote on significant platform choices. For instance, one of the newest suggestions is to reimburse investors for cash that have not been invested.

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3) NFTLaunch

Through BSCPad and TRONPAD, NFTLaunch has built a more stringent methodology for its launchpad, which contributes to the company’s established track record. The legal concerns, tokenomics, the token audit, marketing, and even industry networking are all taken handled of by the incubation program. This strategy assures that the projects have an overall better quality when compared to the rest of the competition, despite the fact that there is a greater barrier to entry (or entrance requirement).

4) GameFi Launchpads

The initial game offering (IGO) launchpads Gamestarter and Enjin Starter are two of the most popular options available on the market at the moment. Both of these platforms provide comprehensive support for new blockchain games, which includes token launch and in-house NFT markets, in addition to a number of other approaches to provide liquidity and safeguard investors. In addition, each of them have their own native tokens that can be used inside their own ecosystems to fund activity.

5) Honourable mentions

Binance, KuCoin, and Coinbase are just a few examples of the major cryptocurrency exchanges that are also responsible for operating their very own NFT launchpad options. First exchange offers (IEOs) and initial decentralized exchange offerings have been quite successful for many of them (IDOs). Your initiatives will get more exposure as a result of the larger traffic that is present on these huge platforms, which may ultimately lead to better conversion rates.


To differentiate themselves from the plethora of new NFT launchpad projects that are introduced to the market on a daily basis, it is essential for new NFT projects to be listed on NFT launchpad options. This is a powerful marketing tool. However, despite the fact that there is often a stringent screening procedure before projects are listed on the launchpads, there is still a rather large element of financial risk associated with them. Before taking part in any of the presales that are taking place in the launchpads, however, retail investors should always exercise the utmost prudence and act with great caution.

It is impossible to emphasize the value of being totally honest!

Transparency on the part of project developers is necessary to win over potential investors. Some owners hide behind anonymity and leave when issues arise, including an error with the transfer of ownership and information.